Easy online booking system - only 89 Dkr. /month

Perfect for hair salons, therapists and everyone else in need of online booking!

Our fabulous supporters are ready to help you with your free 14 day trial. We can help you get started by phone or email, whatever you prefer.

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You are in control!

You can easily logon to your calendar from your PC, MAC, iPad or Mobile device. When you change your computer with a new model, you can just login from the new device - no installation or problems..

Booking - and much more

You can easily implement the booking form on your existing website - and we will be happy to help you free of charge.We can also help you with a beautiful website for only 59 Dkk per month..

For 1 or 20 employees

Web-booking suits your business, wether you are 20 employees or only one. The price is the same no matter how many bookings you have in your calendar.

SMS reminders

We offer one of the markets most intelligent SMS reminder services. Send reminders with your company name as sender name. Reduce forgotten appointments. We will be happy to show you how it works!